21 Most Useful Websites on the Internet

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Can you imagine your life without the web…? Of course No…! Nowadays we need web and various websites now and then. Though it takes much time to find our required site, yet it makes our work smart, productive and helps to develop new skills.

The super cool URLs which are easy to memorise, escape you to have long run a search on google

2. slides.com

Powerpoint presentations exist in every field. What to do if you are not good enough in powerpoint? Here is slides.com to create pixel-perfect slide decks and broadcast your presentations to an audience of any size from anywhere.

3. reverse. photos

This website helps you to find a picture uploaded a similar one on the web.

4. jotti.org

Jotti’s malware scan is a free service that lets you scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs. You can submit up to 5 files at the same time. There is a 250MB limit per file.

5. flightstats.com

Time is precious than any other thing. Flightstats.com tells the flight status at airport worldwide and saves our valuable time.

6. videos.pexels.com

Provides an online library of free HD videos you can use everywhere.

7. copychar.Cc

Sometimes words do not express emotions as images and emojis can do. This web site helps you to copy special characters and emojis that are not available on your keyboard.

8. autodraw.com

This creates freehand doodles and watches them magically transform into beautiful drawings powered by machine learning.

9. everytimezone.com

A person usually travelling through the world faces the problem of the time zone. This site helps you to view worldwide time zone in a more clear view.

10. earn.com

Reply and Earn. It replaces your email with a mailbox that pays when you reply to someone’s email.

11. fontstruct.com

Helps you to create your style fonts which can be downloaded and applied in any application.

12. remotedesktop.google.com

To access other computers or allow others to remote access your computer over the Internet.

13. homestyler.com

3D home design software and floor planner online.

14. web.skype.com

It is used to make voice and video calls in the browser with Skype.

15. wetransfer.com

Transferring large files is always a big problem. It can easily be handled with wetransfer.com. This website is beneficial in sharing extensive data.

16. bubbl.us

create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.

17. domains.google.com

If you want to search a domain name quickly, it will help you a lot.

18. minutes.io

Best site for personal assistants. It captures useful notes during meetings within a jiffy.

19. Class-central.com

students often get confused about choosing online courses. Sometimes they came to know about an online course after the last date of registration. Class-central.com provides a directory of free online courses offered by universities worldwide.

20. whereami

In a strange place when you don’t know your exact location, whereami finds the postal address of your current location on google maps.

21. Slide.ly

To make marketing videos and branded stories for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube trailers.

Prof. Neeraj Kumar Gupta
MCA Dept.
DVSGI, Meerut