ARCCC – Dewan V.S. Group of Institutions



Dewan V.S Group of Institution’s (DVSGI) commitment to internationalization lies at the core of its educational mission to prepare students for citizenship, service, and leadership in a global society. Internationalization with the advent of ICT in education serves as a key element in our continuing pursuit of excellence – in the quality of our teaching and curriculum for this “Academic, Research, Cultural-Collaboration Center (ARCCC)” was established at DVSGI under the patronage of Shri Vivek Dewan, Vice Chairman- Dewan V.S Group of Institutions.

Academic Research Cultural Collaboration Center is dedicated to empower its Faculty and Students to help them gain the national – international & intercultural knowledge with mutual respect. The center is focused to promote diversity of ideas, culture and skills across campus.

In recent past the Institution has hosted, organized and conduct various development and learning programs with an objective to think critically, manage change and create solutions to pressing problems ethically in collaboration with IIT- Delhi (Virtual Labs Project), IIT-Bombay (Spoken Tutorial Project), NITTTR Chandigarh and RIO+21 for which it has been bestowed with Global Collaborative Learning Initiative award . Further the Institution’s knowledge sharing and learning with IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial Project ) has been appreciated by Prof. R.K. Khandal, Vice Chancellor Uttar Pradesh Technical University an icon of academics .

Here’s what few of our members have to say about our Academic, Research, Cultural-Collaboration Center (ARCCC) :

Olga R. Demidova

Dr. Sc. , Ph.D
Professor of Philosophy at Pushkin State University in St. Petersburg

It’s a great honor and pleasure to be working with the ‘Academic, Research, Cultural -Collaboration Center. I wish the Center success in all its undertakings and hope our cooperation will prove mutually fruitful in all respects - Olga Demidova.

Yuri Moskalev

Nizhny Institute of Management & Business

‘I am happy to associate with the ARCCC of Dewan VS Group of Institutions (DVSGI) and I wish them all success’- Yuri Moskalev.

Also Economics – Chair from 2002-07 at Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Some of the Activities / Initiatives are as Follows –

  • Team DVSGI taking part in Short Term Program organized in collaboration with National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR), Chandigarh through ICT.
  • More than 200 students of our institutions have earned the certificate from IIT – Bombay (Spoken Tutorial Project) for their IT Skills.
  • Zealous DVSGI students showcasing “RIO +21 IYWC India Program” merit certificates for taking short term course study on Water Corporation.
  • 2014 – UP State Engineering College Workshop at NITTTR, Chandigarh.
  • International Exposure Award.