Curriculum Structure - PGDM - Dewan VS Group of Institutes

Curriculum Structure – PGDM


The PGDM curriculum at Dewan is inspired from world’s leading Business Schools like Stanford, Harvard, London School of Economics etc. The curriculum inculcates best practices, exposure and global edge / competitiveness in the students. The industry oriented curriculum focuses on practical hands on learning and its implementation. The students are made to think and behave like managers from day one of the course.

1Welcome aboard – Program Induction
S. Code Module
FM Foundation Modules
LH. Launch
2Exploring Management – Module 1
S. Code Module
MGT101 Conversations in Management
ACC101 Financial Reporting and Control (FRC)
ITM101 Technology Concepts for Managers
EC101 Prices & Markets
OPS101 Making Data Relevant
OB102 The Quest for Happiness: Exploring the Psychology of Human Fulfillment
MKT101 Introduction to Marketing (Online)
COM101 Spoken Business Communication
COM102 Written Analysis and Communication
CERT1 Certification in Advanced MS Excel
3Tools Techniques – Module 2
OB203 Human Capital
OPS202 Process & Operations
ACC202 Strategic Cost Analysis
MKT202 Customer
OPS203 Data, Models & Decisions
SGT201 Disruptive Innovation
FIN201 Investor
EC202 Business, Government, and the International Economy (BGIE)
SIT Social Innovation Trip
COM203 Spoken Business Communication
COM204 Critical Thinking & Impactful Communication I
CYL1 Crafting Your Life Story I
CERT2 Certification in Digital Marketing
4Engaging the World – Module 3
MGT302 Global Management Research
SGT301 Social Innovation through Corporate Social Responsibility
MGT303 The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM)
CYL2 Crafting Your Life Story II
CERT3 Commercial Banking in India
CERT4 Business Analytics-I
FL301 Foreign Language –I
CYL3 Crafting Your Life Story III
CERT4 Business Analytic – II
EL Electives (four in numbers)
5Business Experiences – Module 4
EL Electives (four in numbers)
FL402 Foreign Language –II
MGT404 Finding Spiritual Meaning at Work: Business Exemplars
SGT402 Strategic Decision Making
MGT405 Thinking like a Lawyer
COM405 Critical Thinking & Impactful Communication I
CYL4 Crafting Your Life Story IV
CERT5 SCM-EXE Certification
6Launch Pad – Module 5 & Module 6
EL Electives (4 in number)
MGT506 Classroom to Community
MGT507 Event Management
EC503 Managing Overseas Business
CYL5 Crafting Your Life Story V
EL Electives (2 in number)
PLW Placement Workshop

The specializations provides the learning and the experience as desired by the students. DVSIM offers seven specializations alongside super specializations or domain specific specializations.

Specializations offered.

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Operations Management
  • Managing Family Business
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism Management
8Marketing Electives


The marketing specialization is designed for students who wish to be skilled across the wide range of marketing activities. Courses in the curriculum range from those at the level of marketing strategy and pricing strategy to tools courses such as marketing research and advertising management. The diversity of the offerings allows students to not only learn cutting edge concepts but to tailor their program to their specific career plans.

MKT1001 Managing & Marketing Services
MKT1002 Strategic Marketing Communications
MKT1003 Managing & Marketing Innovation
MKT1004 Going to Market: Managing the Channels & Sales Force
MKT1005 Marketing Analytics
MKT1006 Pricing Strategy
MKT1007 Fundamentals of Effective Selling
MKT1008 Building Innovative Brands
MKT1009 Advertising & Monetization
MKT1010 Retail Management
MKT1011 Business to Business Marketing
MKT1013 Rural Marketing
MKT1014 International Marketing
MKT1015 Strategic Marketing
9Finance Electives


Finance is one of the most popular as it offers benefits in a variety of industries, including commercial and corporate banking, investment services and real estate. Students pursuing an MBA in Finance gain the business and financial skills needed to work in a number of enterprises. They often have access to top-notch internship opportunities while still in school, and they generally command better positions and higher salaries upon graduation.

FIN2001 Taxes & Business Strategy
FIN2002 Mergers, Management Buyouts & other corporate reorganizations
FIN2003 International Finance
FIN2004 . Managerial Accounting: Performance Measurement, Compensation, and Governance
FIN2005 Personal Taxes
FIN2006 Derivative Securities
FIN2007 Options & Futures
FIN2008 Venture Capital & Private Equity
FIN2009 Financial Statement Analysis
FIN2010 Behavioral Finance
FIN2011 Corporate Finance: Applications, Techniques, and Models
FIN2012 Money & Banking
FIN2013 Auditing
FIN2014 Early Stage Investing
FIN2015 Data Analysis for Finance
10Managing Human Capital Electives

Managing Human Capital

The ever increasing importance of the individual in the success of businesses, makes the in depth study of human behavior in organizations essential. Effective management requires insight into aspects of human behavior, which can only be gained through study of the relating theories and principles.

A wide range of knowledge that covers all the functions of a business – at the same time it provides the opportunity to specialize in an increasingly important field of management.

HCA3001 Managing People in the Global Context
HCA3002 Talent Management Strategy
HCA3003 Incentives and Productivity
HCA3004 Cultural Imperative: The Ideal of Organizational Design
HCA3005 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
HCA3006 Conflict Management and Negotiation
HCA3007 Culture & Organizations
HCA3008 Psychological Assessment: Principles, Methods, and Applications in HR
HCA3009 Leading Change
HCA3010 Stress Management
HCA3011 Training Human Capital
HCA3012 Organizational Ecology
HCA3013 Employees Relation Management
HCA3014 Managing Power & Politics in Organizations
HCA3015 Business and Career of the Future
11Operations Management

Operations Management

Operations management is about so much more than just manufacturing and, in the opinion of one Harvard Business School (HBS) professor, gives organizations ‘the power to act’ – such has been its expansion from early assembly line concepts. The field of operations management should therefore appeal to anyone looking to work with a wide variety of people, as typical roles will involve regular interactions with engineers, researchers, marketing professionals and everything in-between.

OPS4001 Project Management
OPS4002 Supply Chain Risk Management
OPS4003 Operations Planning & Control
OPS4004 Advanced Operations Strategy
OPS4005 Managing Global Business Process Outsourcing for Global Advantage
OPS4006 Strategic Quality Management
OPS4007 Operations Management in the Service Industry
OPS4008 IT & Supply Chain Management
OPS4009 Optimization & Simulation Modeling
OPS4010 Design for Service Innovation
OPS4011 Data & Decisions
OPS4012 Advanced Topics in SCM
OPS4013 Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management
OPS4014 From Insights to Applications
OPS4015 Enterprise Resource Planning
12Managing Family Business Electives

Managing Family Business

This specialization is targeted towards two distinct audiences:

(a) young graduates with no prior experience in business but who exhibit entrepreneurial ambitions, and

(b) the next generation of Family Business owners.

In this specialization the students will be able to:

  • Operate as Effective Family Business Owner-Managers,
  • Develop themselves as successful Entrepreneurs
  • Use conceptual frameworks and best management practices
  • Conduct as socially responsible businesspersons.
MFB5001 Business Environment and Competitive Advantage
MFB5002 Family related Issues in Business
MFB5003 Import-Export Procedures
MFB5004 Entrepreneurial Biographic
MFB5005 Business audit of participants business
MFB5006 Career Expectation & Role Plan
MFB5007 Business Plan
MFB5008 Synergizing Family & Business interests
MFB5009 Global Perspective
MFB5010 Evaluating Earnings Quality
MFB5011 Financial Reporting & Management Control
MFB5012 Motivation: Theory & Practice
MFB5013 Platform Competition in Digital Market
MFB5014 Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Policy
MFB5015 Entrepreneurial Communication
13International Business

International Business

Today, every business is going to expand itself in International market. It is the age of competition and everyone is trying to adopt the money-making technique. Many industries and organization are hiring the Graduates of “International Business” to represent their company and business with sound and practical knowledge. This specialization equips the students with the sufficient knowledge and training for the all needed basic knowledge of International Business. It is designed to develop the resources and capability of managers in the global economy.

IB6001 International Business Environment
IB6002 International Logistics Management
IB6003 Export Import Management & Documentation
IB6004 International Economics
IB6005 The Power Stories of International Business
IB6006 Business in China
IB6007 Business in America
IB6008 Global Strategy
IB6009 International Corporate Finance
IB6010 Culture & Global Markets
IB6011 Emerging Market Finance
IB6012 Managing People in Global Context
IB6013 Organizations in Global Competition
IB6014 Global Value Chain Strategies
IB6015 Marketing Across Borders
14Information Technology

Information Technology

The evolution of technology and business over the past decade is mind-boggling. IT is now an integral part of any growing business, and it requires special expertise to keep a company’s productivity high. Students study hot topics like database management, essential business software, information processing, and systems development so they can offer expertise in IT strategy that will help streamline processes and keep confidential information safe and secure.

IT7001 Introduction to Management of Technology
IT7002 Technology for Data Mining
IT7003 Planning for Enterprise Resources
IT7004 Strategies for Digital Economy
IT7005 Digital and Social Media Marketing
IT7006 Technology Strategy Consulting
IT7007 Leveraging WEB 2.0- Social Media, Online Advertising & WEB
IT7008 Digital Game Design Techniques for Businesses
IT7009 Digital Innovation Strategies
IT7010 Health Information Technology
IT7011 Innovation Strategies for Emerging Technologies
IT7012 Corporate Strategy in Telecommunications & Media
IT7013 Technology & Design
IT7014 Using Technology to Manage Uncertainty
IT7015 Advanced Topics in Technology Management