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How to choose the right engineering stream?

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Here are some tips to choose the right engineering stream:

1.Give priority to interest,not scope

Every branch provides you with good scope and opportunities if you perform well in it.If you end up selecting a branch on the basis of its job prospects and lack interest in it then it will lead you nowhere.

2.Select Branch Over College

Sometimes it happens that that you are getting your favorite college but not the branch you want to pursue Or favorite branch but not in a very good college.I would suggest you to go for your favorite branch rather than getting admitted in a good college and pursing that branch in which you don’t have any interest.

3.Specialization is good

Engineering degree provides opportunity to specialise. If you want to learn software then go for software engineering or if interested in cars then go for automobile engineering instead of mechanical engineering.

4.Take into consideration nature of work your branch will lead to

Understand what type of professional work will be required from you once you start doing the job.

5.Post Graduation Opportunities

Look beyond the four years of engineering and if you have any plan of doing post graduation then do have a look at the scope of higher studies your branch will provide.

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