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How to select your area of specialization for MBA?

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Knowing each specialisation in a better way will help you in this.Let’s have a look at each specialisation:


If your interest lies in market research or advertising or sales or if you would like to work in IT sales,media or marketing of various services then an MBA in Marketing will give you chance to explore jobs in these sectors.


MBA in finance will get you to know about how the financial world functions and how to apply various financial theories to solve problems in business world.

3.Human Resource Development

If you are good with people and are skilled with words then you can choose this as your area of specialization.This specialization provides you with ability to manage employees and execute work aspects like recruitment, selection, training and development, etc.

4.Operations Management

If you have mechanical ability and prefer to work with objects, machinery and tools then you should choose Operations Management for specialization.

5.Information Technology

Specialisation in this would help you in gaining the technical knowledge of emerging technologies in the IT field.You would be made aware of certain areas which include systems analysis, network security, data analytics, supply chain management, e-business etc.

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