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What are benefits of doing MBA after some work experience?

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Work experience prior to an MBA provides the student with a platform to build on during their studies. Students benefit from being able to refer to their own experience during classroom discussions and apply management theory to their existing practical knowledge. There are other benefits of gaining work experience prior to enrolling in an MBA program.

In the first place, individuals with work experience may be more likely to find on-campus employment. Second, the more work experience you have the more mature you may be in your work ethic and style of learning. Third, the more experience you have, the more you may be able to interact with professors and peers on a deeper level. Finally, your work experience might help you to develop a solid plan for your future. You will already be familiar with where you want to go because you have already been there. This knowledge may help you focus your academic endeavors in a way that helps you frame the way you engage the classroom material.

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