FOUNDER OF THE GROUP - Dewan VS Group of Institutes


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founder of the group

Late Shri Vidya Sagar Dewan
(09.08.1947 – 19.03.2004)
An Industrialist, Educationist and Philanthropist. It is his Vision that we Cherish

Late Sri Vidya Sagar Dewan was one of the leading Industrialist and Educationist of the area. Sri Vidya Sagar Dewan was married to Mrs Mamta Dewan a staunch socialist and philanthropist. The couple with a vision to emphasize adherence to excellence, ethics and values in the educational institutions offering excellent education at affordable cost beneath the umbrella of Dewan Daulat Ram Education Foundation under the inspiration of renowned connoisseur and patron initiated a school which under their leadership spurt into a group of schools and professional education institution – DIMS (1996 with sixty students) imparting education, empowering the student-teacher fraternity and developing ethical global professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs striving for sustainability and all-encompassing development for all.