NLP to Strengthen Marketing

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970’s. This skill is of great worth for the employees involved in marketing or sales. It focuses on both verbal and non-verbal communication. NLP is used to strengthen business communication. It analyzes how an individual perceives the world and aims to make people more successful. The key theory of NLP is to understand the ways people think and express themselves in different ways. People react to language that invokes one of their senses, visual (see), auditory (hear), and kinesthetic (feel).Training in NLP can help marketers to enhance level of rapport with their customers. Neuromarketing is relatively a new field that studies about what goes on inside the human brain when people react to advertising. This can help to recognize which images or words in a marketing campaign can lead to the reaction expected from the target market.

The marketers should consider not only what is said, but also how it is said. People react to situations and make judgments at a subconscious level. Marketers should recognize the benefits of NLP and increase their non-verbal communication skills as well as perceiving presuppositions of people. A pleasant and engaging image of product or service can be created in client’s mind by using NLP. It is being used in many ads like associating a product or service with the potential client’s happy memory. In sales meeting, subtle questions can be asked to get the result. NLP supports positive thinking and is a motivational can make communicator more confident, flexible as well as powerful. Improved communication skills and behavior can make all the difference.

Prof. Sakshi Sharma