Pedagogy - DVSIM - Dewan VS Group of Institutes

Pedagogy – DVSIM


The pedagogy blends the theoretical framework with the application of the learning and corporate exposure on a periodic basis. The classroom teaching, learning and evaluation are powered by Google Classroom and Microsoft making the overall experience more interesting and entertaining.The unique, contemporary and technology enhanced communicative strategies of DVSIM faculty members encourages pedagogic practices that are interactive in nature, and is more likely to impact on student learning outcomes and hence be effective.Periodic short term corporate projects ranging from one to seven days, reinforce the classroom learning.

The six effective teaching practices used at DVSIM

  • Flexible use of whole-class, group and pair work where students discuss a shared task.
  • Frequent and relevant use of learning materials beyond the textbook.
  • Open and closed questioning, expanding responses, encouraging student.
  • Questioning; demonstration and explanation, with an emphasis to teach the students ‘how to think’.
  • Open book, any time-anywhere exams to discourage rot learning and promote understanding of concepts.
  • Individual improvement matrix for every student, which is revised every semester.