The 5s Management Techniques

5 S is a management tool from Japan which focuses on establishing quality work culture in an organization. As each 5S management techniques begin with an S, this approach has been named 5S. A few interesting details covering these techniques are as follows:

1. Seiri – SORT

To sort and systematically discard items which are not needed in the workplace.

2. Seiton – SET IN ORDER

To arrange necessary items in a neat and systematic manner so that they can be easily used and even returned after use.

3. Seiso-SHINE

To clean and inspect the workplace thoroughly so that there is no dirt at employees workstations.

4. Seiketsu – STANDARDISE

Standardizing a method for maintaining order and cleanliness is critical to 5S. Without a clear standard, there can be no way to create accountability, monitor adherence or make improvements.

5. Shitsuke-SUSTAIN

To train people to practice the 5S system continuously so that it becomes habitual and ingrained in the culture of the organization. Employee’s involvement at every step is a passport to sustainability. A company newsletter is another great way to support the development of 5S activities. Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Harley Davidson & ICICI Bank are few companies that have transformed their savings radically by implementing 5 S.

Mr. Vivek Kwatra
Assistant Professor