Choose Teaching as a Profession

Choose Teaching as a Profession

A job as a teacher is one of the most fulfilling and well-recognized professions in the world. It is claimed that teachers are responsible for shaping the country's future; so, it is correct to say that a country's growth is dependent on the dedication of those who teach young minds. As a result, students frequently pose the subject of how to become a teacher in India. As a result, teaching is viewed as a vocation that is responsible for influencing the personality, character, and perspectives of present and future generations. According to the Ministry of Human Resource Management, India has more than 10 lakh teaching openings at the school level.

Teaching has a wide range of professional options, such as becoming a subject specialist or a special educator who can teach differently abled students, while others can teach all students. Because of this wide range of professional options and the availability of different opportunities, an increasing number of students are aspiring and aiming to become teachers in today's world. Furthermore, teachers can choose to teach in either a private or public school, depending on their tastes and choices. A government teacher's pay scale is INR 3,40,000 LPA on average, but it can rise with experience and expertise. A private school teacher's pay scale is INR 2,01,000 LPA, which is significantly lower than that of government teachers.

We all know that private and government teachers are both equally educated and knowledgeable about their professions, but government teachers receive additional advantages from the government. In order to become a government teacher in India, individuals must hold a bachelor's degree in education (B.Ed.) with a minimum of 55 percent marks. A master's degree (M.Ed.) must be pursued to improve qualification and employability. For admission to B.Ed., the government has held various national and state-level examinations.

You can choose any path for teaching, whether it is in a government school, a private school, a college, or university, or as a tutor. However, there is one condition that must be met by anyone who aspires to be a teacher, and that is, gain adequate knowledge, patience, personality development, and excellent communication skills. And in order to do this, you must select the finest option for your teaching career. "Awake, Arise, and do not stop until the goal is achieved," one said.

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