DVS International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research!

We started our journey on September 2015 with an objective to publish and disseminate globally interdisciplinary quality research available and accessible. Talented authors deserve attention not only from publishers, readers, but from society and corporate as well. The publication of articles is only the beginning of our mission; to build long lasting relationships is the ultimate purpose of DVSIJMR Journal. This research journal will be referred and indexed to ensure and to bring the highest quality research to the widest possible audience and to provide the maximum exposure to researchers associated with us. The Journal aims to provide the complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the different disciplines. The emphasis is on publishing quality articles rapidly and making them available to researchers worldwide. As an academic Institution, The Journal aims to facilitate the dissemination of research that focuses on issues of Education, management, IT, Law, Engineering & Hospitality etc for improvement of our society.

Empirical work would be based upon the scientific method, modern sampling procedures and statistical analysis. Quality will be maintained international panel of reviewers. Contributors are encouraged to submit original manuscripts which include analysis of existing facts, practice, methods and activities, applications of new ideas and methods, research on various aspects suiting the aims and objectives of the journal. Special Issues will be published occasionally. Journal’s aims at academicians, consultants, policy makers, business managers and practitioners to publish research work of multiple disciplines. The journal is committed to promote researchers with understanding to engender new ideas, problem solving models, and disseminate the experiential world class research findings for the benefit of academia, industry and policy makers.

Call for Papers: We invite Research based, Empirical, Applied or Conceptual Papers, Extracts of PhD Thesis, Book Reviews and Case Studies from both academicians and corporate professionals. The DVSIJMR Journal will contain publish papers in different functional areas of Education, management, IT, Law, Engineering & Hospitality etc. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed and processed will take some days before publication. Editor in chief reserves all rights to make necessary editorial amendments in the final manuscript to suit respective Journal format.

Authors are requested to send papers at: [email protected] We appreciate your interest in DVSJIMR Journal. Editors, Authors, Readers, Corporate and esteemed Subscribers may please browse through the Website or drop a email to us for any inquiry related to publication of manuscripts, subscriptions and many more.

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