North East Corner

DVSGI is providing best career options for North East Students

North East Region (NER) comprises of easternmost states of India. It is therefore called as the 'Land of the rising sun'. The North East region is well endowed with natural resources, like oil and gas, agro- horticultural resources, mineral deposits, immense hydroelectric potential and significant forest resources.The Eight Sister states are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura in northeastern India.

Technical Enhancement Activities

Cultral Activities for North East Students

The cultural activities enhance the confidence level of the students thereby allowing them to perform better. These activities develop the personality of the students and assist them in shaping a good career. In fact, students can also leverage the advantage of participating in various activities.

Shining Stars of North East @ DVSGI

Jabu Pulu - B.Tech Civil Engineering 4th year

Pranodh Prasad Sharma- B.Tech Civil Engineering 4th year

Chow Ousingya Manlong B.Tech Civil Engineering 4th year

Chow Sumanglam Moungkhom B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd year

Nabam Henia B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd year

Dedicated Grievance Cell for North East Students

The Grievance Cell aims to look into the complaints lodged by any student and redress it as per requirement. The students can state their grievance regarding any academic and non- academic matter within the campus through the online and grievance suggestion box.

Objective and Functions

The objective of the Grievance Cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute. A Grievance Cell has been constituted for the solutions of the problems reported by the Students of the College with the following objectives :

The cases will be attended promptly on receipt of written grievances from the students within 7 working days.

The cell formally will review all cases and will be acted upon accordingly as per existing norms.

The cell will give report to the management every quarterly about the cases attended to and the number of pending cases, if any, which require direction and guidance from the higher authorities.

Dr. Shekhar Pundir

Admissions Counsellor, North East,
Head, North East Grievance Cell, HoD- B.Tech.

Email Id :
Contact : 7055518889

Alumni Speaks

Er. John Soipho Kolong

B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
Batch : 2015-19
Chongkhow, Longding District, Arunachal Pradesh

All of my professors and faculty were outstanding & gave me the best guidance possible. From an introvert to extrovert DVSIET has provided me with a platform to realize my potential and to make the best use of it. Different events and sessions did boost my confidence to a great extent that I can experience at my workplace now. Apart from academics, what I believe is that a student should able to get the opportunity to innovate, experiment and do new things by participating in various conferences, project presentations and competitions. I was really lucky that I had full support from my department to attend all.
I would like to thank all my faculty members and at DVSIT for giving me unconditional support to step on the first rung of the ladder of success. I am overwhelmed by being an Alumni of DVSIET for whatever & wherever I am today.

Er. Kigam Pujoy

B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
Batch : 2016-20
Native of Raga, Kamle District, Arunachal Pradesh

Life in DVSGI was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs one can imagine. But throughout the journey I have learned a lot. It have provided me with some great opportunities which helped me improve myself in every aspect as a student, as a senior, as a friend, as a sportsperson, as a leader and most importantly as a professional. Experience in DVSGI have helped me sharpen my skills in my field of choice by providing fully equipped labs where I could practice and learn. Apart from this being a part of student panel helped me improve my managing skills along with technical. In all I had a great learning experience and have learnt some very important lessons in life which will help me to grow in future as well.
Looking back at the 4 years that I spent in Engineering, there are so many memories that come as my flashback. I had the pleasure of completing my graduation from DVSGI under the guidance of highly efficient Professors and Management. From the first day itself the institute has surprised me with such a phenomenal step by step learning process. Engineering course is not just a process of earning a bachelor’s degree. It is a period which defines your life.

Gochi Chisi

B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
Batch : 2016-19
Arunachal Pradesh

At DVSIET, I spent a span of 4 years of my life and made it more precious and memorable being part of DVSIET. From Academia to Extra-curricular, I improved myself in each domain. I always found each of my professor, instructor beside me in each phase of learning and improvement. For my overall development they nurtured me and made me to prove myself in my journey towards corporate. From the bottom of my heart, I’m thankful to all my mentors.

Archana Pordung

B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
Batch : 2016-21

DVSIET is centred around supporting and enhancing youthful abilities into effective and enthusiastic designers. The motto of "Work is Worship,Getwith a Smile" prepared us industry engineers who can constantly have an effect. Being important for DVSIET was an honour and I feel honoured to be at the right place with right timing. I’m much obliged to you, all of my tutors, for making us what we are today!!

Jumter Lombi

Engineering (Electrical engineering)
Batch : 2016-20
Village Malini, Likabali. Lower-Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh – 791125

DVSIET was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The campus is well-equipped and beautifully landscaped, with a great balance of nature. This atmosphere and infrastructure have a motivating and unique quality that has caused us to study and participate in co-curricular activities. My tutors and professors were all fantastic and provided me with the greatest possible assistance. DVSIET has helped me transform from an introvert to an extrovert by providing me with a platform to discover and maximise my potential. Various events and sessions boosted my confidence to the point that I can now experience it at work.Apart from academics, I feel that a student should be allowed to participate in numerous conferences, project presentations, and contests in order to develop, explore, and try new things. I was quite fortunate to have the full backing of my department to attend all of them. I'd want to express my gratitude to all of my professors and DVSIET for their unwavering support in helping me climb the first rung of the success ladder. I am grateful to be a DVSIET alumnus for whatever and wherever I am today.

Bompi Chiram

B. Tech (Civil Engineering)
Batch : 2016-19
Arunachal Pradesh

Time slips down like the sand. I spent my 4 years at DVSIET Campus as student. I enjoyed my college life at an all. As I joined DVSIET, I was too much worried about my future. During my college life I felt myself totally busy with lectures, assignments, laboratory experiments, tutorials, workshops, hands-on trainings and at last with the ample corporate opportunity, where I am today. Along with all academic tasks I found myself improved with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. At an all I found DVSIET campus as a holy grace of God in nurturing my career. I am thankful to all my faculty members and north east co-ordinator, who always made me to feel home like environment.

Twinkle Ngomyir Likar

B. Tech (Civil Engineering)
Batch : 2016-20
Arunachal Pradesh

My days at DVSIET remind me of the fantastic phase, the energetic campus, and the dedicated professors. The College increased my imagination and helped me explore my hidden potential. As of now, I am deeply grateful to almighty, as I opted this College as launching pad for my professional career.