Do trees really cause so much damage to Building foundation?

Do trees really cause so much damage to Building foundation?

Fast-growing trees near buildings can cause uneven coexistence when the roots of active trees dry out the soil causing various soil compaction. The shrinking clay affects the bearing capacity and leads to movement in the structure, especially on shallow foundations.

The roots of the trees can grow over a long distance and can absorb moisture to a depth of 6 feet below the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to make an accurate study of their position and obtain details of the type of tree, and at the same time to establish that the tree is the cause of the damage.

Buildings can also be damaged when hardwoods are removed. The resulting stress due to the removal of trees and shrubs works directly and horizontally. In most cases, horizontal movement causes significant damage, especially to the upper layer of clay. In such cases there is a risk of the clay lasting longer as it also retains moisture causing the foundation to ‘shake’.

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Conclusion - One way to avoid root problems with tall trees is to maintain a ‘safe distance’ between the tree and the structure. Some types of trees can cause more problems than others. Planting a tree near a new or existing building will usually pose a risk of injury.
Also, the best way to prevent tree root problems is to prevent, choose the right tree, and location.

Mr. Saurav Kumar Prince
Department of Civil Engineering